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Live to love and love to last

Lambda Kappa Pi



"Care for your sisters as your sisters care for you, remember your dreams and always live to love and love to last."

- Rachel J. Parsons 

   Lambda Kappa Pi is a local tight-knit sorority founded in 2007 at Sonoma State University. Our ladies are original and passionate with the utmost desire to improve the quality of their own lives and the lives of others. We help our sisters reach their goals and know that with a great support system, anything is possible; our sisters have what it takes. 

   We strive to honor the sisters who shaped Lambda Kappa Pi into what it is today and hold we sacred the sisters who continue our legacy for years to come. With our philanthropic events, mixers with other Greeks, sisterhoods, and more, we hope to create the best years of our lives. 

Mission Statement

As sisters of Lambda Kappa Pi we will serve to strengthen our communities, expand our relationships, care for our environment, honor our beliefs, and nurture our minds, bodies and souls.

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